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NEW Niche Name, Same AMAZING Source of NEW REVENUE for Your Niche Magazine Brand!

 The Super Niche Event brings the Niche Media Conference, Niche EventFest, NicheTek, and Camp Niche Ad Sales Training together for one SUPER event just for niche magazine publishers!

March 27-29, 2017 in Charlotte, NC

To download 2016 presentation slides, click here, then just follow the instructions at the top of the page.


Networking, Fun and Serious Learning - That's How Niche Rolls!

  • Niche Fun!
  • 360° Niche Keynotes - amazing niche media visionaries!
  • 100% practical sessions devoted to helping you build your publishing business and generate new revenue in your niche market.
  • Bring your Entire Revenue-Generating Team!
       > Publisher Track
       > Audience Development Track

       > Event Track
       > Ad Sales Training Track
  • Small and Interactive -- Limited to the first 300 attendees.
  • Hot Topic Roundtables on the subjects you're most interested in - 2017 topics: Paid Sponsor Content, Video, B2B Lead Gen, Pricing Models, Sales Compensation, Content Marketing, Events, Subscription Strategy, Custom Publishing, M&A, and much more!!!
  • NEW: NicheTek AND Niche EventFest as a bonus day! Find new tools and technology and event strategies to generate more revenue for your niche publication.
  • Awesome Sheraton Charlotte Hotel - right in the heart of Charlotte, NC and walking distance to tons of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.
  • The Niche Difference: Our world-famous Welcome Reception, fabulous Nichee Award Party, Orientation Networking Party, Pizza & Beer Mixer, Super-fun Charlotte, and much, much more!

You're Invited to the World's Most Niched-Out Event Just for Niche Print and Online Publishers!

360 Niche Keynotes

10th Anniversary Niche Keynotes. 2017 Keynotes Coming Soon!

Don Peschke's picture

Leveraging Your Niche Content: Produce Once, Sell 10 times

Don Peschke

August Home Publishing Co.
Your investment in one magazine article can be leveraged into several revenue streams by transforming it through different channels. Learn how Publisher dynamo Don Peschke of August Home Publishing re-purposes the content of one magazine article into several new print products, digital products, live seminars, video, and a TV show — each with a new audience and a new revenue stream.

Joe Pulizzi's picture

Undiscovered Revenue Opportunities for Your Niche Brand

Joe Pulizzi

Content Marketing Institute
Revenue, Revenue, Revenue...that's all you publishers want to talk about. Well, let's talk about it. Are you stalled with finding new growth opportunities for the next two months to two years? Well, search no further. Joe Pulizzi, founder of Inc 500 company Content Marketing Institute, will share his list of amazing revenue opportunities that your company is, sadly, missing out on. These include online training programs, integrated benefactor programs, event opportunities, custom content projects, and even small M&A opportunities that you may not be thinking about. You'll walkaway with specific ways you can drive new revenue growth for your niche media brand NOW. If you miss this session, you'll regret it, maybe for the rest of your life.

Dan Oswald's picture

Innovation... The (Not So) Secret Sauce for Success

Dan Oswald

Steve Jobs (uh, yeah... that Steve Jobs) said that innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers. And niche publishers who want to lead growth for their media company need to foster a culture of innovation -- then turn that into results! Whether it’s finding a new market, creating a new product, improving an existing service, or discovering new uses for your current offerings innovation is critical to your success. And it's not optional -- it's an all-the-time-every-day activity. So how do you create a company culture that doesn't confine innovation to the CEO? How do you empower every person in your organization to share responsibility for innovation? Dan Oswald, CEO of BLR, will share 6 secrets to how you can catapult your company to new heights of creativity, innovation, and revenues.

Krystle Kopacz's picture

The Full Monty: Selling the Complete Media Experience

Krystle Kopacz

Chief Operating Officer
National Journal Group
As a niche publisher, you know that your biggest, best, and brightest advertisers are also your most demanding -- always looking for the next "big idea" in advertising that will build brand and drive revenue. And the proliferation of new media platforms means that creative concepts are a must. Rising media star Krystle Kopacz has helped Atlantic Media build hugely creative (and hugely profitable) campaigns for advertisers that build across media platforms. This case study focused keynote will help you think concretely about how to put the “sizzle” behind selling big ideas in media. Using examples, Krystle will suggest winning approaches that all media publishers can use to approach the sponsor “whales" within your niche!